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Open Water Referral

Who should try this experience?

If you have started your open water diver course elsewhere within the last 12 months, you can complete your certification with us.For the  open water referral, usually you would already have completed your self study confined water dives leaving just the four Open Water (Ocean) dives to do, however, other referral options are available.

What to Expect When You Show Up to Complete Your Open Water Referral?

Expect to review forms and basic theory with your instructor. While most divers study well and show up prepared, a quick review of theory will ensure that vital information is fresh. Even in the best of circumstances, referral students have had a few days to forget important details, a fact which is exacerbated by the distracting vacation and underwater environment.

What Documentation Is Required to Complete the open water Referral Program:

You will need to bring your referral paperwork and Log Book correctly completed and signed by the  Instructor who trained you. Without the referral documentation you will not be able to complete your course.

We have priced our referral assuming that you already own the Open Water Diver Crewpack, Log Book and Recreational Dive Planner (RDP not required for Scuba Diver), and have already completed the confined water dives and Knowledge Development Sessions, leaving the open water dives to complete. Our price includes the use of all necessary diving equipment, open water dives and your Certification Card.

What is included?

Lessons,transfers,equipments,training dives, Diving Certification (minimum 2 days/)


Open Water Referral


Important Information:
-If weather condition are not suitable to dive in Varadero, the Diving will take place at the Bay Of Pigs(Caribbean Sea)
On our way back we are able to stop for lunch in an Authentic Private Cuban restaurant which the food is very good at a very affordable price.
(applicable for Bay of Pigs only)
-All Prices are in CUC (Cuban Convertible pesos).

How to book?

Using the Booking form below you will need to provide, the following information:
(Name,Hotel,date,Type of service)
We will then contact you back within 24Hrs to let you know our availability for that date and the following step in order to complete your booking.

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